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Título : The negation of the other in the novel Sula by Toni Morrison [recurso electrónico]
Autores: Camacho Ospina, Maria Monica
Keppel, Timothy(Director de Tesis o Trabajo de Grado)
Palabras clave : Sula (Novela)
Morrison Toni
Identidad étnica
Cultura afroamericana
Literatura afronorteamericana
Literatura estadounidense
Novela estadounidense
Fecha de publicación: 2-sep-2016
Resumen: This analysis corresponds to an analytical and interpretative essay on the negation of the other in the novel Sula (1973) by Toni Morrison, one of the most important African American writers. In Sula, the author explores the concepts of good and evil as she provides characteristics of the African American culture and black identity. The characters‘ main struggle is their quest for achieving an authentic identity within this sexist and racist society that constricts their lives and dreams with moral standards. This essay attempts to demonstrate through this novel how human beings find self-destruction by attempting to destroy others, those who have different views of life and the world. The analysis focuses on the most important aspects of life proposed in this book: self-awareness, identity, friendship, traveling, the community, and heritage, which condition one‘s vision towards the other and nurture, at the same time, one‘s whole identity. As a major conclusion, there is no success for a society that judges and isolates the individuals who want to become authentic and attempt to break the constrictions of moral prejudices. For each member of the community is essential in the balance of it.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10893/9677
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