Vol. 45 no. 3, 2014 / Colombia Médica

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Vol. 45 no. 3, 2014 / Colombia Médica


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  • Palacios, Ricardo (2015-02-10)
    A cluster of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) represents a stress test for an immunization program. The community can suspect on vaccine-related reaction leading to mistrust on the immunization program. An ...
  • Bonilla Escobar, Francisco Javier; Gutiérrez, María Isabel (2015-02-10)
    Injuries are the result of an acute exposure to exhort of energy or a consequence of a deficiency in a vital element that exceeds physiological thresholds resulting threatens life. They are classified as intentional or ...
  • Blanco, Pedro; González, Francisco; Holguín, Jorge; Guerra, Claudia (2015-02-10)
    Introduction: In the surgical management of cholesteatoma, one can opt for a closed technique (simple mastoidectomy) or open surgery (radical mastoidectomy). Open mastoidectomy with reconstruction of the posterior wall and ...
  • Rivas Nieto, Juan Carlos (2015-02-10)
    Objetivo: To describe the relation between the clinical, neuropsychological, and brain imaging findings in a group of patients with fronto temporal dementia. Methods: A sample of 21 patients was collected, and their charts, ...
  • Jiménez Báez, María Valeria; Acuña Reyes, Raquel; Cigarroa Martínez, Didier; Ureña Bogarín, Enrique; Orgaz Fernández, Jose David (2015-02-10)
    Objectives: Determine the domain of preventive dentistry in nursing personnel assigned to a primary care unit. Methods: Prospective descriptive study, questionnaire validation, and prevalence study. In the first stage, ...

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