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    • Systematics and diversity of Neotropical ants. 

      Fernandez, Fernando; Guerrero, Roberto J.; Sánchez Restrepo, Andrés F. (Universidad del ValleColombia, 2021-02-03)
      With a long history of more than 100 million years and about 14,000 described living species, ants are one of the most important and well-known groups of insects in the world. Ants are key elements in the structure and ...
    • Taxonomy and distribution of Tapinoma ants (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) in Colombia. 

      García Avendaño, Emira I.; Guerrero, Roberto J. (Universidad del ValleColombia, 2018-12-31)
      The species of the genus Tapinoma are reviewed for the first time in Colombia. Four species are recognized, T. litorale, T. melanocephalum and T. ramulorum are recorded and described, as well one undescribed species. A ...