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    • Oncogene amplification as tumor marker in a group of Colombian lung cancer patients. 

      Carrillo, Edward F.; Arias, Yazmín Rocío; Perdom, Sandra J.; Aristizábal, Fabio Ancízar; Ojeda, Paulina; Palacios, Diana M. (2011-12-15)
      Introduction: In spite of recent treatment advances, lung cancer continues to be the first world cancer related death cause; its mortality associated occupied the fifth place in Colombia in 2004. Complete surgical resection ...
    • Real time PCR. Application in dengue studies. 

      Prada Arismendy, Jeanette; Castellanos, Jaime E. (2011-11-09)
      PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a routinely used tool in every diagnostic and research laboratory. This technique has been used in detection of mutations and pathogens, forensic investigation, and even is the base tool ...