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    • Qualitative analysis for demand response impact on distribution system rates 

      Marulanda, Geovanny A.; Perea, Yairson; Salazar, Harold (Universidad del ValleColombia, 2017-01-30)
      (Eng) Electric power systems are subject to high electricity demand variations during short periods due to consumption habits of end-users. In these periods, the operation of distribution networks is expensive, energy ...
    • Review of Electricity Markets for Smart Nano - Grids 

      Viñán Robalino, Willyam Marcelo; García Torres, Edwin Marcelo (Universidad del ValleColombia, 2019-07-31)
      (Eng) This article is focused in reviewing the electricity markets models and the smart nano - grids characteristics, making a study about the main aspects related, structure and integration. Previous ...