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    • Prevalence of poor self-rated health and associated risk factors among older adults in Cali, Colombia. 

      Ocampo Chaparro, José M.; Zapata Ossa, Helmer de Jesús; Cubides Munévar, Angela Mayerly; Curcio, Carmen L.; Villegas, Juan de D.; Reyes Ortiz, Carlos A. (2014-02-20)
      Introduction: Self-rated health (SRH) has beeen considered an important marker of quality of life and an independent predictor of mortality in older adults. Objective: To determine the prevalence of poor SRH and identify ...
    • Self-rated health: Importance of use in elderly adults 

      Ocampo, José Mauricio (2011-11-16)
      Introduction: The concept of self-rated health (SRH) was conceived during the first half of the twentieth century. Since then, numerous studies have documented the validity of its measurement and it has been widely accepted ...